Tarot Card Meanings: Understanding The High Priestess in a Relationship Reading

posted Mar 8, 2011, 4:38 PM by Nikki Harris   [ updated Apr 11, 2011, 2:57 PM ]
All relationships eventually take us down a dark and rocky path from time to time. This weekend I found myself in an argument with a friend. I sought out insight in a single card spread and drew The High Priestess card. What insights can The High Priestess card give us in a relationship tarot reading?

EyeTarot.com defines The High Priestess in the following way: Subconscious, Mystery, Potential
  • Represents the subconscious, looking beyond the surface
  • Mystery: ferreting out what is hidden
  • Remembering the potential that underlies the current state of things
What strikes me first is how many of our relationship troubles and arguments originate not in the 'surface' reason for the fight, but in our subconscious insecurities. Maybe the person standing in front of us reminds us of an ex, our parents, a boss we felt disrespected by. Is the reason we are mad really the reason we are mad?

Beyond the Surface: Wisdom of The High Priestess

In my case, the surface reason for the argument with my friend related to a rather philosophical disagreement over whether or not one can make 'objective' statements about the arts (a painting, movies, books, etc). Specifically, I was peeved that my friend had bashed a television show that I hold in high regard. Looking beyond the surface (and with a little help from one of my sisters!) I ferreted out that one of the reasons I was really upset was that my friend was casting an opinion based on one episode when I had watched 2 seasons of said show. It felt like my friend was claiming to have equal creditability to make a judgement on this show and disregarding my more in-depth knowledge of the show.

This is granted a rather silly argument, but it struck a chord by subconsciously reminding me of other (less silly) professional and romantic situations in which I felt my experience and knowledge had been disregarded by a respected loved one or colleague. Cast in this wider light, I was able to see the wisdom of The High Priestess: to illuminate the true motivations behind our feelings and reactions.

Promise and Potential in The High Priestess

Finally, The High Priestess wasn't just inviting me to 'delve a little deeper', but to remember that the argument with my friend was not indicative of our usual relationship. Specifically, to not let this detour down the dark and rocky road of the subconscious ruin the promise and potential of our relationship.

How has The High Priestess tarot card given you insight in a relationship reading?

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